Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yesterday, I watched a news blurb about a young man back east that wouldn't be getting a transplant because of "non compliance".  The news media spun a story of a teen boy with issues of unlawful behavior.  They spoke with the hospital whose board had denied transplant list placement.  The hospital is of course not able to release information on this particular case.  But the media didn't ask about the painstaking process the board must go through to be put on a transplant list. The rules are not only set down by the hospital but by the UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) board. A patient must be able to follow a strict  medication regiment, eat right, make and keep follow up appointments and lab work. They must also meet certain criteria related to quality of life, and ones psychosocial network.

The weight of how very important a decision this is, falls heavy on my heart. If this child was not ready for the difficulties surrounding a transplant, then it would be prudent to deny a placement on the list.  Most teenagers that I know have an invincible attitude.  They are unaware of their own mortality.  It would be difficult to get most teenagers to stop and take medication.  A young man who might have an issue with authority may not have the discipline to follow such a regimented life style.

As we prepared for Kamryn's  transplant, we were asked about our level of commitment to this new life style.  They ask these question not only to find out your level of commitment, but because the donated organ is so precious. If one can't commit to following the program, then the organ has gone to someone who may not consider it or its donor valuable. Thus deny someone else who needs the organ a chance at life. 

I'm pleased to say that this young man has  been put on the transplant list as of today.  While I'm disappointed in the media and their poor coverage of this issue, I'm happy for the family.  I pray that they will understand the gravity of what they will receive and its cost. 

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