Thursday, September 19, 2013

The dress

Kamryn was an honorary flower girl in her sisters wedding.  Kjerstin pick out a dress and we ordered it off Etsy.  The dress came and Kamryn tried it on.  This dress was not her favorite.  It itched, was fluffy and made her miserable.  We would try it on occasionally in order to get her use to it.  Our encouraging "so pretties" couldn't make her love the dress.  And then a brain storm happened. If she wore leggings and a sweater, just maybe we could get her to wear it for a short period of time.  So we tried it.  Kamryn began twirling around in her "pretty" dress and saying pretty.  We had conquered the unhappy toddler, or so we thought.
Fast forward to wedding day.  I have now spent the morning preparing and directing family member who helped with the set up for the wedding.  I have an hour to get ready myself.  Having parented girls already, I knew that Kamryn didn't need to get in her dress until right before the wedding.  So with 5 minutes to spare, she gets dressed.  I now have a hysterical, screaming baby on my hands, and a large concerned audience. We move to Bev's office where on the floor she gets her hair done and her shoes on.  Mike comes in and says, "It may not happen and that's okay."  Kamryn begins to calm down with the help of Auntie Beth and a squirt bottle.  Auntie knows when to put a little fun into an almost disastrous situation. 
Kamryn was able to walk down the isle in her sisters wedding without a hitch. 

(see picture above) 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It has begun...

Usually Fall is my favorite time of year.  The leaves begin to turn, the menus' are filled with comfort foods, and the children are back in school.  I was okay with the change, until....  I started hearing those sounds that now make me cringe and want to run.  The achoo, cough cough cough, sniffffff...  You've heard them too, the unmistakable sounds of  communicable diseases that summer seems to whisk away.

So for those of us who deal with children of compromised immune systems, please use caution when your out in public. Your child's immunizations keep my child from getting something that could kill her. Hand sanitizer, keeps those nasty germs at bay.  My boys and those who come to visit wash their hands when they come in my door.  I'm encouraging no mouth kissing with Kamryn.  When it takes her  a month to get rid of an illness, a little hand washing isn't much to ask.

Thank you for my little place on the soapbox!