Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for so Much...

Last year at this time we were expecting our 5th child.  Nothing was wrong with her, but having children spread out over a 20 year span was overwhelming.  We embraced the idea and ran with it, as God intended this little girl to be in our lives.  It turns out something was wrong.  14 days after her birth she got sick.  To make a long story short, she had a heart condition and would need a heart transplant to live. I knew that even if she didn't survive, the time I spent with her would be the most precious time I could spend with anyone.  9 weeks after her birth she received that heart transplant.  Our little girl turns a year in a few weeks.   I cry everyday for the loss of the precious miracle that gave our daughter life.   God knows what he is doing, His plan is perfect.  For that I am Thankful.  I am also thankful for all of those wonderful friends who held us up in prayer, gave us just what we needed at the time, and supported the family on the home front. To my husband Mike Aubrey, while this has been what seems to be the struggle of our lives, it is so good to have gone through this with you.  My girls, made me proud to be their mother.  I have found great strength in them.  Thank you Kjerstin Marie Aubrey and Mikaela Rae Aubrey.  The boys have been real troopers,  they sometimes don't get the attention they need at this point, but I am grateful for their help and love.  To Carol Aubrey,  Elizabeth Aubrey Dyrdahl, Stephanie Combs and Charlie Combs, thank you for taking care of us all.  This has been a long and difficult road, it would have been unbearable without all of you.  Thank you mom and dad for giving me the Godly foundation, I would need to get through something so overwhelming.
Today I am grateful to have a happy, healthy family.