Thursday, July 10, 2014

Every Second Counts

You know that show 24. The one where Keifer Sutherland saves the day one hour at a time.  Everything is in slow motion, and your really not sure what's going on until the very last seconds of the show.  I felt like that yesterday.   Not the save the world part, the realization that every second counts.

Kamryn has a routine.  She gets up, I change her diaper, she has a bottle and takes her medicine.   Later a shower, her hair is fixed and heart beat monitored, then her temperature taken. So yesterday she didn't really want her bottle.  She laid on the couch, as I tried to convince her into taking the bottle.  I realized then, her eyes had shifted to the right and she wasn't responding to my voice.   I placed my hand on her chest, and desperately tried to make my self heard.  After about a minute she came out of the episode and was better, but tired.  She then did it again 10 minutes later.

We needed to be at the church for VBS and so we showered, fixed hair, monitored her heart and temp and were on our way.  My very good friend Jaime asked as we arrived, "Is Kamryn feeling alright?" I try really hard not to be alarmed.  Drama is not where I thrive, it makes me crazy.  I asked her what she was thinking.  It was good to know I wasn't alone in my motherly instincts. 

We left the church and took Kamryn to he play group.  She was fully recovered by this time.  She then had another one, I think.  It's really hard to tell when your driving.  She didn't seem any different this time, so I took her into play group. I spoke to one of the ladies there and she was going to watch her.  It didn't happen again.

I called our pediatric Doctor.  He wanted the Cardiac team to weigh in.  Their thoughts were to have her seen by her peds doc and go from there.  Kamryn was squeezed into a very tight schedule.  Of course that's when my car wouldn't start, she was at school, and I needed my neighbors help.  With my car jump started, and Kamryn picked up we headed to the Doctor.  Mark in tow.  (poor boy)

At the Doctors office we discussed the episodes.  Kamryn had experienced MINOR seizures. These are not at all harmful to her.  She will need to have and EEG, and see a neurologist.  While her medication can cause seizures, it's not likely.  With everything she has been through this might be a left over brain trauma, related to her long stay in the hospital.  Again, not likely.  The possibilities are endless.  Will it happen again?  Possibly not.

After Kamryn's nap  yesterday she was fine and back to her exploring, sing song little self.   My heart jumped every time she went up and down the concrete stairs. As hard as it is, I have to let her explore, discover and learn.  (My fear is she has a seizure and falls.)  She has no idea how desperately I wish we lived in a plastic bubble. 

This was what I woke up to this morning.
Because Every Second Counts.