Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A weekend away with family...

Last week we prepared to go out of town.  For most people that means a suitcase and maybe a travel bag.  For Kamryn it means much, much more.  She of course has your normal baby stuff.  Diapers, wipes, bottles and a pacifier.  (We really need to get rid of the bottle and pacifier.)  But Kamryn requires 5 different medications, a stethoscope, thermometer, syringes for medicine, and the just in case stuff.  Like:  Ear drops for that ear infection she doesn't have, but could get.  I wrote lists, added to the lists and checked them just like Santa. Needless to say I over packed,  especially on the clothes part. 

It was beautiful....

We spend days on the Oregon Coast without jackets!  Here are some pictures.

We had so much fun!!!  Kamryn was such a good girl even with few naps and sleeping in a strange place. 
Prior to getting to the beach we visited the OHSU ER for what appeared to be a return of Kamryn's C diff.  The nurse gave us hospital grade bleach wipes to keep everyone else healthy.  Her test came back negative, however the symptoms remained the same.  With probiotics we made it through the weekend.
Kamryn was able to roll around and play in the sand. She laughed and giggled, playing with her siblings and her cousins.  The girls were an enormous help to me,  they took her and played, or got her dressed and fixed her hair. 
It was a very relaxing weekend.
(posted by Kelli on Lexi's site)