Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Easily forgotten

Two plus years ago I discovered I was pregnant with our 5 child.  I went from not being pregnant to 4 months pregnant in one day.  That beautiful baby was born without a hitch and we continued with our much fuller lives. And then.... you know the story.... you prayed and you know the outcome.

It's days like yesterday that bring me back to that night in the hospital.  The fear, anxiety and waiting can make a person nuts.  Everything has been going so well.  Kamryn is not a child you look at and say she's sick.  She's a happy, healthy 20 month old with an enormous vocabulary and a duck walk. Her past is easily forgotten and yet.

Yesterday we spent 4 plus hours in the Doctors office here in Port Orchard.  She has had some diarrhea and one episode of vomiting. Dehydration is an issue with Kamryn on a normal basis.  When she gets sick it can be worse.  For an already dry child to get more dry is not a good thing.  The medication takes an extreme toll on her kidneys on a good day.  Dehydration causes medication level to be over the top and possible kidney failure. They measure dehydration by weight loss in small children.  Kamryn had lost a 1lb, 5% of her body weight. This is significant for a little peewee.  The second visit to the Dr showed she'd lost a little more weight.  Before seeing her he was ready to send her for IV fluids at Mary Bridge.  Thanks to that big Aubrey personality the Dr was satisfied that she would not need IV fluids.  She was no longer sunken, and anemic looking. We will visit the Dr again today.  While her symptoms are still the same she is doing better.  The 6:30am wake up call of mommy, mommy was music to my ears.  While I didn't want to get up, we spent some quality time together in the am. 

Her follow up visit was reassuring.  The Dr is pleased at her progress with fluid intake. We will see the Dr again next week.  I think now mom and baby need a nap.   

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