Friday, March 15, 2013

This baby shouldn't be so happy!

Kamryn has had a cold for a little while.  Yesterday she started losing her voice.  It's so cute!  As a precaution I decided to call the Dr and try to get her seen today.  They didn't have any openings, but would call if something came up.  I really didn't think she had anything more than a cold.  I would probably have waited with one of my other children, but not with Kamryn.  The Dr called and set up an appointment for her in Silverdale.  Our regular Dr is in Port Orchard.  I don't like to Dr hop, it leads to more questions, extra phone calls and more wait time.  At the appointment the Dr looked at Kamryn's ears and listened to her chest. The Dr then prepared to write a script for an antibiotic.  I have been told that Kamryn can't have antibiotics.  So the Dr called the Cardiac team in Seattle to get instructions for treatment. It turns out she can have antibiotics, but the have to be carefully regulated.  I would have never guessed that Kamryn has a double ear infection and some congestion in her chest by her demeanor.  She is so happy and so pleasant, even when shes saying ouee.

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