Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crazy Mommy and the Insurance Company

I found a new lab, that has people with vast experience drawing blood.  As a courtesy, I called the insurance company (molina/medicaid) to let them know we were going to a different lab.  They informed me, I needed to have the lab call and get authorization for the blood draw.  I was told it wouldn't be an issue it was done all the time.  At the lab they had heard of nothing like this. But they called, requested an authorization and were told they needed a CPT code.  (a code that tells why Kamryn needs the blood work)  Without that code the blood work couldn't be done.   There was a code but evidently not the right one. As I stood there talking to the nice phlebotomist, tears weld up in my eyes, and frustration filled me.  It's not as if anything has changed over the last year.  The CPT code is the same, the diagnosis is the same, the insurance company has all the information they need to process the claim.  But no lab work today.  Crazy Mommy wanted to call up the insurance company and spit fire at them.  Wisdom prevailed and I went for retail therapy instead. As I search the isles for the largest bag of dark chocolate M&M I could find, once again wisdom prevailed.  I don't need the largest bag of M&Ms in the store, and instead I bought a Milky Way Midnight.  So tomorrow we will try again.  Tomorrow, I might need the largest bag of dark M&Ms in the store.  I'll let you know.

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