Monday, March 11, 2013

Crazy Mommy and the Lab

Today Kamryn needed blood drawn.  Crazy Mommy took Kamryn into the lab and stood around not sitting down for fear of GERMS.  The man over in the waiting area coughed.  He of course was the patient getting his blood drawn before Kamryn.  He left and our number was called.  The lab tech came out, called us back and said have a seat.  Hahaha.... Crazy Mommy asked if she would wipe down the seat, the arm rest and the surrounding area.  Fortunately, she understood and was gracious enough to do it.  And then....  Blood work for Kamryn sometimes takes a while.  3 patients came and went as we were waiting for our tech to pull the info, complete the phone call, gather the tubes and print the labels.  I believe there were 6 to 8 tubes and 12 labels.  Kamryn is an amazingly brave little girl.  She for the most part doesn't get upset about having her blood drawn.  The blue strap went on her arm and she made no noise. The needle was inserted into her arm and she whimpered A LITTLE.   Only when the lab tech had to "fish" around for the vein did she start to cry.  They looked at the other arm and couldn't find an adequate vein. She tried another vein in the original arm and that didn't work either. After two unsuccessful blood draws we stopped.  We will have to go back tomorrow for another blood drawn.  Now, Crazy Mommy is "shopping" for lab tech who has YEARS of experience drawing blood from a baby.

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