Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday the ferryman made me cry...

Some of you know that Kamryn was feverish and had diarrhea several weeks ago.  I am happy to say she no longer has those issues.  The blood work that was done on the 12th when she was ill showed no signs of illness.  The blood work on the 19th did.  So Kamryn went on a medication called Valganciclovir.  She has taken the medication before and has done well on it.  However it is one of those medication you don't want to read the warning labels.  So she has to be monitored for drug levels.  On Thursday the week before we discussed with the nurse a plan of action and decided we would have to be at clinic by 9 am Monday morning.  Of course this requires a ferry ride. Kamryn has a medical pass to get on the ferry as priority boarding. I don't usually need it on the Southworth side so I didn't use it last week to get on board.  However, on our return trip I couldn't find the pass.  ( It is always in the pink binder.)  Monday rolled around and I have forgotten to look for the pass.  The 7:55 am ferry would be cutting it to close, so we take the 6:40 ferry.  We leave in plenty of time to catch that ferry and arrive 10 minutes before it is to leave.  I go to pay for our ride and is informed the ferry is full.  Now what am I going to do? In desperation,  I blurt out she had a medical pass but I can't find it.  His reply, "We don't get much call for medical passes on this side."  To which I reply, "Yay you probably don't, she had a heart transplant."  He says, " That is a medical, SIGH...I'm going to trust you, I can see it in your face, you might want to find that medical pass."  He puts us on the ferry.  And I bawl like a baby.  In a world that seems cold and uncaring there are those few people who make life easier.  Thank you mister ferryman!

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