Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The other reason I cried on Monday

Monday was an incredibly difficult day.  Kamryn had to have four blood draws, each one to two hours apart.     The first draw she didn't react to until the phlebotomist started to move the needle inside her arm to get the blood out.  (I don't understand that.)  So he goes after her other arm. I don't cry during blood draws, this one I did.   With 3 more blood draws this was going to be more than anyone should have to take.  The second blood draw ended in the same results.  They went after her foot.  The next two blood draws are good, but in her other foot and painful.  Kamryn and I left the clinic exhausted.

But that is not the only reason I cried.  On Monday in between blood draws I went to see Hannah and Jennifer.  Jennifer wasn't there and I left her a message as she would be arriving later.  Kamryn and I went home.  We had been invited to watch the Seahawks game at a friends house and so we went.  Dinner was so good and the company was great.  But it was time to pack up and leave, we have boys to get to school, and Kamryn and mommy were tired.  We left about 8 minutes from the end of the game and listened to it on the way home.  In the last 8 seconds of the game the hearts of the fans stopped. Was Seattle going to be able to make another touchdown?  They did. (with a great deal of controversy) Those announcers were so excited and had no idea how the call was going to go. As the officials pondered the outcome, a little girl in Seattle was undergoing a heart transplant.  Little Hannah was getting her new heart. Hannah's heart was stopped, removed from her chest and she lay waiting for the new heart to arrive.  Her parents sat waiting for that official call, "The heart is in and beating."  Just as the Seahawk fans began to breath again so did Hannah's parents. Their little girl had her new heart, she was pink and beautiful and full of life. A life that was given to her by another family grieving for their child. It brought me to tears with so many memories of joy and sorrow.

Now Hannah's parents face the sometimes daunting task of caring for her. I have met Jennifer she is strong and faithful.  Transplant is a whole new ball game from cardiac failure. But it's a touchdown all the way.

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