Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Extraordinary Day

Today was clinic.  On the ferry ride to Seattle I saw a car load of pirates.  I had no idea it was "talk like a pirate" day.  I would have like for Kamryn to have had her picture taken with them but the "germ thing" kept me from getting out of the car on the ferry.   Do ferry pirate wash their hands.  I don't think Jack Sparrow ever washed his hands.
On to clinic.  Kamryn has become more aware of her surroundings. She wasn't all to happy about having an Echo today.  She was quiet for a while and then wanted it to be over. Next was a weight check, she is 13 pounds 1 oz.  Last week while sick she had lost a few oz, but has gained them back.  The EKG was the next traumatic event for Kamryn.  She's not to fond of those sticky stickers.  A short evaluation from the dr and we were off to the lab.  Another not so happy place.  A bottle, diaper change and some love from mom mad it all good.  The nurse called later and told me Kamryn's BUN is high.  This effects her kidneys.
For a few months now I have been following the blog called "Hannahneedsaheart".  Today Kamryn and I met both Hannah and her mother Jennifer.  What an extraordinary woman.  It is amazing to see the strength given by God, to those who trust Him.  We share the unusual bond and I have found a friend for life.     Hannah is doing well she no longer is intubated. She has such beautiful blue eyes and a pretty smile.  Jennifer held Kamryn, cried and told me how she is encouraged by my sweet baby.
I met a woman several weeks ago that told me every time she nursed her baby she prayed for Kamryn.  I want to encourage you to "every time you..(buy a coffee, eat, change a diaper...)." you pray for Hannah.  As we all know prayer is what got my family through what seemed impossible.  Now we have a happy 9 month old who is 7 months post heart transplant.  Please pray for Hannah.  

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