Monday, May 14, 2012

Early morning

Today started with Kamryn's tube out.  It happened around 5:45am.  If she didn't need her medicine at 6:00am I would've just left it out for a while and bottle fed her.  But no.  So I put the tube back in, and gave her medicine.  Which she promptly threw up, along with the tube.  It makes me nervous to give her meds again.  But I called the Dr and was told to give them again.  I put in another tube and gave her the medications.  She was able to keep those down.  All of this took place before the boys were up and getting ready for school.   Kristopher was going to mow the lawn, but the mower was broken.  So we borrowed Gramies mower.  Kamryn has been fussy all day long, so my house is a mess but my lawn is mowed.

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  1. Way to go, Momma! You're going to be a real pro with all this medical experience! :)