Friday, May 18, 2012

Medication can't be found

Kamryn is on Magnesium (Magonate) for her heart.  It not only keeps her heart beating normal rhythms but it also replaces what her other medicines deplete.  It has to be compounded.(this means taken from the pill form and added to liquid so that it can be given to her by ng tube.)  Not all pharmacies compound.  But those that do can compound in about 24 to 48 hours.  This is why I started trying to get the script on Tuesday.  It got to the pharmacy in GH on Wednesday.  But the don't have it and it would take a week to get.  Why? There is a shortage of it I am told.  So I start calling around. First I try the hospitals... there patients need it right?  They don't have it, a compounding Pharmacy in Poulsbo doesn't have it, nor do the other places I have called.  I call the transplant coordinator at Children's.  He has me try a mail order company.  They don't have it and it will take a week.  Really?  The pharmacy at Children's has not heard of this shortage and they have it.  I may have to go over to Seattle.  But wait... We might be able to change it to an IV form safe for oral consumption.  The wonderful transplant team tries to find a pharmacy that can get that.  Nope, there is a shortage of that too.  After a few phone calls trying to track down the IV version they may have found the Magonate version.  Our local Alberstons seems to be able to order it and get it over night.  I am still holding my breath that this will happen.  I really don't want to go to Seattle today.