Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A difficult day

Yesterday was a difficult day for Kamryn.  As you know she has been coming off some of her medications.  Two of those are Morphine and Adivan.  Saturday she took her last dose of Morphine.  Praise God!  Monday morning while taking her daily stats, her heart rate was down 20 beats per minute.  She runs in the 136-144 range.  The nurse and I talked about it, and decided I would monitor her and they would talk to the Dr.  (She was also weaned of another med, that one might be the culprete.)
Kamryn had been fussy most of the early morning.  This continued all day long... She refused to be put down and wouldn't sleep unless held.  The Holly Ridge lady came at 10:30am.  Kamryn took one look at her and would have NOTHING to do with her.  Karmyn has a copping mechanism she developed in the hospital.  She closes her eyes and shuts down.  This means your not there and are not going to bug her.  It's rather cute.  So instead of having any PT/OT Kamryn went to sleep.  I got PT/OT instructions and another appointment.  Kamryn gets 2pm meds.  I decided to give her some Tylenol with this dose.  She calmed a little but still had to be held or she would scream and fuss.

The nurse calls at 4:00 there is nothing in the medications that would indicate they increase the heart rate.  I am told to watch her and keep the Wednesday appointment.
Her fussiness continued and she acted like something hurt.  I blame this on the morphine.  Unfortunately, she had to go from 1ml to nothing in a day. At 8 she got another dose of Tylenol and put to bed about 9:00pm when she was finally content to be put down.  In the middle of the night she vomited twice. (a withdrawal symptom) This time without vomiting up the tube. She did sleep through the night and is sleeping now.  (don't tell her, she isn't being held.)

I am grateful to be able to hold her... I think about all those times she fussed in the hospital and I couldn't hold her.  So yesterday may have not been to difficult...nothing got done but who cares.


  1. I learned from Grama Clark, ....quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

  2. Amen to what Gram Clark said.