Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thankful for the rain

Sunday morning!  I love my children!!!!  Mark was not having a good morning.  He hadn't eaten enough the night before and was grumpy.  I think he is growing, he is a grumpy grower. Of course everything that bothers him is manifested in his stomach.  After a quick trip to the bathroom where he thought he was going to throw up  he laid on the floor in the kitchen wrapped in a blanket with a piece of toast.  Kamryn is on the floor in the family room trying to pull out her NG tube.  I fish the tube back in and remind Mark eat your toast.  Fortunately, I have had a shower and am dressed.  Kamryn is persistent about that tube, Mark is not about the toast or getting dressed in the clothes I brought down for him.  All of this going on and I really wan't to go to church.  My adorable nephew is being dedicated.  Suddenly, there are screams and vomiting sounds coming  from Kamryn.  She vomited  up her tube.  Mark is not dressed, nor is his toast eaten.  I now have to decide, do I put the tube back in or take it out and not put one in until med time.  I don't have time to put in another tube.  I have time to make a bottle, take the tape of her face and get Mark dressed.  With 5 minutes to get to church,  Mark is dressed with teeth brushed, Kamryn is in her car seat, I have the diaper bag and the bottle.  Time to go to the car.  Oh it's raining.  Oh well at least no one at church will know my hair is still wet.  Oops, I think I forgot some makeup.


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