Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saw the Doctor, what a day

Yesterday was a doctor day.  What I didn't realize was how this would make me feel.  I didn't want to be there.  In the past I have been eager to go, because these are the people who can help Kamryn get better.  She is better.  I found myself in tears most of the day.  (I blame the start of the tears on the music I was listening to before the appointment.)   I view this as normal.  For so many months the hospital, was a place of controlled anxiety and stress, helping Kamryn to get well.  I had to be in control.   I know I'm not done with the tears, but I am ready to move on.  The next appointment is in a month.  I am hoping for no more tears!

Yesterday was and early day.  It began with 2 of the important meds and the plan for the rest of them to be given on the ferry.  Kamryn had another idea.  I packed the car, put her in it and drove to the ferry.  We caught the 6:40am ferry.  By the time we arrived on the ferry she had pulled the tube out.  There is nothing worse that putting a tube back into a screaming child.  Try it on the ferry.  Let's just say the lady putting on her makeup in the next car chose to leave her car without makeup and put it on upstairs in the bathroom.  Kamryn screamed, the tube went in and so did the meds.  Until, she pulled it out again when we arrived at the Doctors office.  I left it out with the hope that it could be left out.

What happened at the appointment?   Kamryn was able to get rid of yet one more med.  Hooray no more shots!  Her feedings are modified to 5 bottles and an overnight feed of the equivalent of one bottle plus what she doesn't eat over the day.  Yes, we still have to keep the feeding tube.  But at least for now she doesn't have it in.  Kamryn is now taking her medication orally.  While her weight is not what the doctors want, it is still good for an Aubrey child.  10lbs 8oz at 5 months after a heart transplant, we will take it!

Over all today was a good day.  The tears are cleansing tears, those ment to heal and not harm.  Kamryn is doing well!  We are on our way to bigger and better things.


  1. Wow!! Glad to hear God is working His miracles, but sorry it's such a rough road. Continuing prayers for all. Hugs!!