Thursday, August 1, 2013


Kamryn went to Holly Ridge today for an evaluation on her walking.  In Uncle Charlie Combs' words, "She walks like a duck."  She doesn't move her ankles, and mostly moves at her hips and knees.  Most babies are flat footed, as they learn to balance and walk that changes and they develop arches.  Not only does Kamryn still have flat feet she also has low muscle tone.  She doesn't know how to stretch her muscles and bend her knee to step down off the stairs or stand on her tip toes. So her ankles don't rotate.  Most recently, like in the last 2 days, she has begun to walk backwards.  This is a skill she should have developed months ago.

At Holly Ridge Kamryn was given exercises and games to play to increase the muscle tone in her legs.  She will be getting some orthotics to help rotate her feet outward and start the rehabilitation process.  We will have an appointment in a couple weeks to see how she's doing.  It was nice to know I wasn't crazy and projecting issues onto Kamryn.  The PT was able to explain why Kamryn has the issues with her legs and feet, which are in line with not moving and not learning balance at an early age.  Just wait she'll be playing soccer at age 5, and running with the best of them.  Well okay maybe soccer, there is that crazy mom who will need to be convinced.

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