Sunday, June 2, 2013

Not last year

Last year at this time my family and I took a trip to Pike Place Market.  I don't know what I was thinking then. It was filled with people, germs and a gross gum wall. I had spent months with Karmyn in a single, clean, and environmentally sanitized room.  As we adventured into Pike Place I began to realize I might have some PTSD.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the diagnosis after a traumatic event. Many of our service men are diagnosed with it.  I couldn't handle the crowd, the germs and the noise.  I had to get away from there.  So I parked myself at the nearest Starbucks with Kamryn and hid.  Kamryn was enveloped in her protective car seat/stroller, I drank tea and tried to relax. 

This year Mark wanted to go to the KRL- Dig Into Reading party at the park.  So we went.  For a 7 year old boy it was a blast.  Kamryn, actually played on a community toy, put wood shavings in her mouth (I was watching Mark at the time) and I didn't freak out. While, I'm not ready to change her in a public bathroom, (really no one should)  we have made some long strides. 

The picture above in of Kamryn on the community toy.

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