Friday, June 14, 2013

Busy week

Among all the other things happening this week Kamryn turned 18 months old.  She saw an ENT.  (No tubes in her ears for now.) She went to her sister Mikaela's Senior graduation from South.  Her brothers 6th grade graduation on Thursday. Kristopher's class will graduate in 2019.   She has entertained her grandparents for several days.  And tomorrow will participate in her sisters graduation party.  All of this brought to you by God's grace and a new heart.

Kamryn has begun to show her determined personality with the occasional temper tantrum.  She is highly opinionated and dare I say cute when trying to force her will on her more determined parental units.   She may potty train early, when she's wet or other she lets you know and want to be changed.  Sleep is not our friend, she wakes up in the middle of the night and needs comfort or changing. We are looking forward to summer with the boys.  Mikaela will be moving to Grammy's house before to long.  This will be a hard thing to adjust to for both Kamryn and mommy.  Kamryn's face lights up when she sees Mikaela.  They have a special bond.

We are off to our next thing that needs to be done before tomorrow.  Oh and a shower! 

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