Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I found myself in the Doctors office with Kamryn today.  She's been running a low grade fever off and on since Monday.  It finally reached that magic number of 101.something that is the indication she should be seen.  I had a brief moment if feeling sorry for myself, when I sat down and thought about, if Kamryn were "normal". If she were normal, I wouldn't have to worry about her meds poisoning her because she had a fever and wasn't getting fluids.  If she were normal, I wouldn't have to worry about and elevated heart rate and respiration.  They would only be caused by the fever.  If she were normal, the flu or a cold would be just that, the flu or a cold. Of course the little girl that had the 101.something temp was happy and smiling by the end of the visit. I had given her tylenol.  Her previous wake for 20 minute take a nap for 20 minutes was in the past.  So a several tests are being run, and we will know more tomorrow about the mystery cause of the fevers. Right now she is sleeping.  She is as normal as she is ever going to get.  Me too!

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  1. If all were "normal" we wouldn't need to trust in the Lord day by day and at times minute by minute. He would not be as real to us as He is when we have watched Him work on our or our children's behalf. :) Praying for Kamrynn and for the mystery to be solved soon!