Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh, Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of ...

Oh, Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind... Or Heart

Kris Kringle from Miracle on 34th street...

This phrase was never so apparent to me as it is this Christmas.   Last year, when we took Kamryn to the hospital that Christmas eve night I fully expected them to diagnose her with a cold and send her home with instructions to watch her closely. Her brother and dad had had colds, she must have gotten it from them.  I knew there was a possibly that we might spend the night in the hospital.  She was so tiny, and didn't have much reserve to fight a cold.   But I fully expected to spend Christmas with my family.  As Kamryn turned blue, before my very eyes I began to realize how sick she really was.  The Dr. turned her and had her intubated before I could even get to the chair behind me. My question of, "so she is going to be hospitalized right?" was made through a broken, disbelieving heart.  How could this be happening? An x-ray to confirm the placement of the intubation tube, revealed it was her heart. 

The next day, Christmas, an echo was run and the Drs had more bad news.  Kamryn would be transported to Children's Hospital in Seattle where they could better take care of her.  While we waited. for the ambulance from Children's to arrive, we hashed out a plan.  Mike would go to Grammy's house and be with the kids for Christmas and I would go with Kamryn.  I can say at this point I wasn't even thinking about Christmas. All  I wanted was to hold all of my children, but I couldn't.  It would be 2 long days before I would even see my other kids.  Mike spent part of Christmas day with them and came to Seattle with tales of little boys opening gifts. 

He returned home for a full Christmas celebration on Tuesday at Grammy's house. Later that day, Mike called me and told me the family would be coming after dinner.  He was anxious to get back to the hospital and would be coming earlier.  I asked him, "What if you brought Christmas dinner to the hospital?"  Dinner was packed up in rubbermaid containers and brought to the hospital.   I can tell you it was  the BEST Christmas dinner I have ever had.  Yes, it was microwaved on paper plates in a hospital waiting room. But we were together.  Charlie prayed, I will never forget his words.  He prayed for Kamryn's healing, for the glory of God to be revealed, and that her story would be a witness to others of how great our God really is.  All of what he prayed for has happened. 

Many people have said, "I can't believe this happened on Christmas." To which I've frequently replied. "It's just a day."   It's the day we assume we are the magi and give each other gifts.  (some if which we can't afford,  and shouldn't be buying)    We feast on the best and some even try to get along.  To prepare we shop till we drop , or drop others.  (if your a black Friday customer)  We want the best deal, the prettiest wrapping paper, and the tallest tree we can scrunch in the house.  Somewhere in the back of our brain we know it's the day our Savior was born.  But do we really pay attention?  Do we realize that without Him all of this would be just a day?   
So I ask you, is your heart in the right place, are you focusing on the true meaning of Christmas?  Is Christ the center of your Christmas  heart?  

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