Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Joy and tears

The tears began to flow Christmas eve night as Kamryn was turning blue and the reality that this was not just a cold set in.  Those tears continued as we were informed that she had an enlarged heart and would be having an echo in the morning.  We cried with Elizabeth when she brought us the bags we had packed for Christmas at grammies house.  Niether one of us slept that night with the unknown hanging over our heads.  I cried because no sounds came out of my baby that night.  The next morning we cried with the results of the echo and the knowledge she would be transfered by ambulance to Children's hospital in Seattle.  More tears were shead as Mike went home to the children and I went with Kamryn to Seattle.  I can remember asking Mike, "When will I stop crying."  The tears shead during her early hospitalization, diagnosis, and occational melt down were tears of fear and pain of the unknown.  Would Kamryn servive this, how long and what do we do if she doesn't were always in the back of our minds. Beautiful messages of strength and encouragement came from friends and family.  The hand of God kept us from lossing our minds.

Today the tears are of  JOY!  I can't make it through a church service, song or facebook message without crying. God has brought us through this, he is continuing to bless us.  Yes there is still the fear of the unknown, but God's grace is the reason she is here and the reason we are JOYFULL.

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