Saturday, April 28, 2012

A child prayed for around the world

Who knew that one small child would inspire so many people.  I have heard so many stories of friends of friends and friends of those friends... praying for our little Kamryn.  The friends of those friends have been  spread across the planet and in countries so far away.  Those prayers to a loving God gave us  hope, and guided us through the very scary and sad parts of Kamryn's hospitalization.  Her little life unitied so many with a common goal and brought many back to the faith they thought they had lost.  We are inspired by the prayers and grateful for the help so many have given us in our time of need.  Thank you


  1. Yes, we were praying from Siberia, Russia! My family and I are missionaries to Siberia since 1999. I am also a n RN so your story touched my heart in several ways - as a Momma and a nurse. I heard about little Kamryn through a friend that attends our home church in Tacoma, Washington. I am so grateful to read that Kamryn is doing well. May the Lord continue to bless your family!