Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy day!

Today was a very busy day!  Kamryn and I left the house to catch a 6:40am ferry.  That means with her meds being given at 6:00 am we were up early. It takes 2 hours to get to the hospital at that time of the morning.  Needless to say she arrived at the doctors office in her pajamas.  With a quick diaper and wardrobe change we met with the radiologist to do a swallow study at 9:00am.  The PT/OT person was with us during the study.  We had a short visit with the PT/OT and were given instructions on how to get her to take a bottle. She is able to take a bottle because the swallow study results were good.  Then we were off to the lab for a timed blood draw.  Kamryn has medication that has to be monitored closely by blood work.  The blood draw was a disaster.  By the time we were finished she had been poked three times.  After the blood draw she had an Echo at 11:00 am, then saw the nutrisionist.  The nurse and the Doctor came in after that.  Kamryn is looking so good and doing so well there are not any changes to her medications at this time.  I did talk to the cardiac team about the quality of the blood draws.  I was given the name of our favorite phlebotomist and we proceeded to the lab for yet another poke.  This time it was much better!  One poke!  We picked up a perscription and left the clinic at 2:30 pm.  We arrived at home around 4:30 pm.  Kamryn is doing very well and she will be able to catch up wo those developemental things most 4 month old babies are doing fairly quickly.  I so look forward to celebrating her birthday and her heart day next year.  What a blessing God has bestowed on us as his children.

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