Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nothing in life prepares you for a sick child.

Two months ago today my heart was breaking.  I couldn't look up and see the parents whose hearts were aching as much as mine.  My tears were flowing and blinding me from the hurt around me.  Now that Kamryn is becoming healthier, I see their pain. I met a mom several weeks ago who's daughter was born at 24 weeks.  She has not been able to get off the ventilator and now has a trachea.  Or the mom whose child has leukemia.  The family at the Ronald McDonald house whose daughter has pulmonary issues.  Or a mom at home whose baby has a bad cold.  Nothing in life prepares you for a sick child, we each have our own crisis. There is no degree of sickness that changes the way we feel about our children.  If we could stop it or take it on ourselves, we would.   It has been a wild ride down the river of crisis.  We held on to each other and the little glimmers of hope that were thrown to us by the Doctors.  Prayer was and is our life boat.  Many joined us on this ride with prayer and devotion.  While Kamryn's heart condition is gone she will have the disease of transplant.  Her body will always be looking to get ride of the foreign heart inside her.  She will always be on medication.  I will always be watching for sickness and infection.  But that boat that carried us down this river, prayer, will always be there to carry us down the next.  God is in control of where that boat goes and where it lands. I am blessed to know He is in control, and I don't have to worry.

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