Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I have alot to learn!!!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a little while. I do find myself busier on the floor. Diaper changing and holding the baby without having to ask is the norm around here. I will be learning meds and other things this week. Mike and I will be taking some training in preparation to go home. The preliminary Echo looks good. This is the baseline for future rejection testing. Kamryn continues to gain strength as each day passes. The binky training is slow. She will go home with an NG tube. Before leaving the hospital we will be doing all of the care for 24 hours. Then we will go to Ronald McDonald house before going home. With meds on a crazy schedule, I don't know when there will be time for sleep. For now, It's bed time!
A few months ago I brought home a baby with a smiley, content, and sweet disposition. As she continued to get sicker she would furrow her brow, was grumpy and unhappy. She had Dr Law say, "No attitude" I have begun to see that smiley, happy baby again. She coos, smiles and warms my heart. She continues to get better. It's up to me now, to learn her medications (one of which is a shot) and to begin administering them. The rest of the wires come out of her tomorrow. Home is looking closer and closer.

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