Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today was a difficult day. Kamryn's breathing throughout the night became very hard for her to handle. Her heart has been having difficulty moving the blood around the body. When this happens the body responds by requesting more oxygen, the brain then causes more rapid breathing. They intubated Kamryn today. She was breathing very rapidly and needed the help to slow her heart rate down. She is now again on many IV medications and off all of the oral meds. As no one would tolerate having a tube down their throat, she is medicated to keep her calm and quiet. Praise God for nurses, their job is hard to do. Katie our day nurse prepared me for the possibility of intubation. She worked tirelessly today to get Kamryn everything she needed for her heart. During a diaper change today Kamryn held her breath and gave the nurse a scare. She is a fighter!

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