Monday, January 30, 2012

I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed I would be waking up to, "Viv you want to come help me pull a chest tube?" That is the language of the CICU. Funny thing is I wanted to help too. Kamryn had a good night. Her BNP's are down today. they had gone from 300 to 1000 to 3900 and are down now to 900. Last night while I slept, she had peed through her diaper, i took 4 people to change her. She continues to give the nurses a hard time. I heard the night nurse tell the day nurses, she'll give you a run for your money this one. She continues to "Fight Like a Girl". Thank you to all who came yesterday to visit. I know it is hard to see her with all of the tubes and wires coming out of her, but she is in the best place. If she were to have had these issues at home we may not have her today. Please keep her and the doctors at the hospital in your prayers, and also the family of the baby, whose heart Kamyrn will be receiving.

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