Monday, May 6, 2013

Relax, the hard part is over...

You would think, the transplant is over there's nothing more to be concerned about.  On a daily basis you would be right and wrong.  Kamryn is thriving.  She has reached milestones that were so far away and surpassed others.  Today she is sick.  I made an appointment for her this morning and one for Mark for Wednesday.  They probably have the same thing.  And it's probably a cold , but he has to wait in line behind his little sister.  I wish I could say that never happens for anything, but that's not our reality. He's staying home from school today and will be with Grammy during Kamryn's appointment.

Last night Kamryn and I slept down stairs. After a sinus rinse, and Vicks rubbed on her feet she was asleep.  Don't move a sleeping baby is my motto.  If they're asleep let them be. Sleeping in my own bed seems like a distance dream.  Just as I think I might be able to go there, Kamryn gets another cold or is not eating well or is vomiting,  All of which in one of my other children I would monitor, diagnose myself and wait. They would get better and all would be great.

The possibility of rejection, the immune suppression and the unknown, drive me to seek early intervention for Kamryn.  Our Dr is so good about not making me feel like a crazy over reactive parent.  As the mother of 5 kids you would think I won't have a better handle on all of this.  Reality is I don't, I may never, and I can live with that. Parenting is hard, not necessarily fun, sometime down right boring or way to exciting. The rewards are infinite, aways special or sometimes nothing at all. (those of you who do laundry understand the nothing at all)

To realise where we've been and where we are now, brings tears to my eyes.  I'm going to work on relaxing a little about the little things.  I did get a shower, my hair done and snot on my shoulder before 9am.  Kamryn is now emptying a basket full of laundry that needs to be folded. I guess it's time to relax and reap the rewards, she's good at matching socks!

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