Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Extraordinary women!

Today I met some extraordinary women.  Each of them dedicated to their beautiful child in the CICU at Children's hospital.  Jennifer, a quiet beautiful woman, sat with me for a few minutes and told me about Kyle's special heart.  He has multiple issues that will require more surgery.  He is currently having difficulty weaning off some medications.  He is also having feeding issues.  The pictures I've seen of this beautiful baby melt my heart.  He is such a precious little angel. I wish I could have spent more time with them. 
I have been in touch with Christi by facebook for a few months now.  She is a vibrant, glowing woman.  We spoke for a little while about Poppy and her listing for transplant.  She is grateful for a clear plan now for Poppy.  Waiting is hard.  The reminder that God is in control helps when the day ends and a new one begins.
I found myself in tears at times while talking to these beautiful ladies.  They're working hard to make sure their babies get the best of care.  My prayer is that God brings them peace and healing for Kyle and Poppy.

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