Thursday, December 6, 2012

The roller coaster ride of the year

I HATE roller coasters   The up and down and side to side out of control feeling is not for me .  I like my feet on the ground.  My good friend Robin coaxed me onto two roller coasters.  I can say I have probably had my eyes open for about 10 seconds of the California Screaming roller coaster at Disneyland.  5 of those were from the beginning and 5 from somewhere at the very top of the ride.   It's not a bad view from the top.  I just don't like what has to happen before and after to get there. The second roller coaster was Thunder Mountain.    It is a fast moving, completely disorienting, in and out of the dark type ride. YUK!  I got to sit with Mike this time, with Mikaela  and my friend Robin in front of us on the ride.  The brief moments it takes for the ride to get started it isn't to bad.  But as I begin to rise out of my seat, a bit of terror came over me.  Mikaela is doing the same thing.  Her little butt (she's about 8 at the time) is rising out of the seat.  As the parent behind her I am helpless to help her little body return to the safety of the seat.  I can't move my arms to help her.  I couldn't do anything but scream.  Robin pushed her down, not once but several time over the coarse of the ride.  (Not more than 6 weeks later a child died on that ride.)

So the past year or more has been a real roller coaster ride.  The joy of having a new baby is just like that split second when your up on the top of the roller coaster.  The ride to get there was not fun, but the bundle of joy that came from it defiantly was worth closing my eyes to get there. The plummet to the bottom of the roller coaster, as we learned she was sick, left my heart in my hands. I couldn't return her little body to safety.  But as Robin had pushed Mikaela back to the safety of her seat, so did the doctors and nurses who attended Kamryn on that scary Christmas Eve night.

While the roller coaster ride still continues (life is just that way)  there is a constant companion, PRAYER.  Robin may not have noticed Mikaela's little behind rising out of the seat, had I not screamed.  On this years roller coaster ride God heard the screaming prayers of his daughter and answered.  My heart is still in my hands on occasion, but my feet are on the ground.

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