Friday, August 10, 2012

8 Months old TODAY

Great are the works of the Lord ;
they are pondered by all who delight in them. (Psalm 111:2 NIV)

What a happy baby we have.  Every morning she wakes up and plays "good morning...ny-night (my word)" with her daddy.  Up goes her head for good morning and then down again for ny-night.  This little ritual is repeated several times before daddy gets ready for work. She is delighted by her brothers, who at times are so enthusiastic forget she is a baby.  She enjoys her time with the girls, who at times are asked to watch her so I can run errands or such.  
Kamryn is sitting up very well now, but doesn't like her tummy or standing.  The Dr. at clinic last week was very pleased with her progress. She has a blood draw next week and a clinic visit several weeks after that.  We are making some adjustments to her formula but nothing to drastic.  She tends to projectile vomit at least a bottle every other day sometimes more often. She is growing and is now 25.5 inches long and 11.10 lbs .  Kamryn has decided to fight sleep, after all there must be something fun going on when her eyes are closed.  If laundry, dishes, bathrooms and floors are fun no one informed me.  
I am in awe of what God has given us as a family.  He has drawn so many people together through our little darling.  She is sleeping now I should go take care of those dishes... 
Taking nothing for granted these days. 

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