Sunday, April 8, 2012


All through out Kamryn's heart issues I have always hoped we would be home for Easter.  For me Easter has always been a big deal.  Even more than Christmas.  When Mike and I were first married that first Easter was very hard for me, I was home sick.  We are home for Easter and I am over joyed.  I can't wait for the fellowship of people, completed in the knowledge that they are saved through the resurrection of Christ.
In my lifetime I have experienced two things that have brought me closer to the knowledge of the resurrection.

  One was the physical aspect, the nails.  I was working in a doctors office, as a man and his friend came in. The man had put a nail through his hand into his wrist with a nail gun.  He was clearing in pain and shock. I asked to see the wound so that I could speak to the Doctor.  He pulled the coat away from his arm and showed me his nail ridden hand.  That small movement was agony for him.  Christ' s hands were nailed to a cross and not with a nail gun.  His pain and agony went beyond the nails and to the sin of His people.

  My second encounter with the faith of the cross came when Kamryn was in the hospital and we were faced with the possibility of her death.  If she were to die we had decided to donate her organs to other children who would need them.  Instead she received the gift of life from another family whose parents lost their child.  Their gift gave our child life, just as God's gift of his Son has given us life.

So while sitting down to that Easter dinner this year, reflect on how blessed you are by not having those nails in your hands.  He paid the price and gave you a gift that can not be replaced by anything earthly.


  1. I have been so touched by your beautiful words and ongoing updates on how Kamryn is coming on. God is good and he surely is looking out for you all! Thank you for the privilege of prayer and for being a part of this, God Bless, Ruth Wood xxx