Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not going to RMH for now!

Let me start by saying I love my child! She is unique and has her own schedule. Today at about 10am she decided to throw her own little LV tachycardia party. (her heart rate was really fast for about 8 beats.) Her low magnesium and blood volume may have something to do with it. She is currently getting iv magnesium and will get blood later tonight. However, this leads us to getting another medication that will slow her heart rate down. Her heart has been working out in the 150-160+ range which is high for and infant. What does this mean for tomorrows move? We won't be moving to RMH tomorrow. I am fine with that, I could tell she was a little off. We need to get this child healthy, so we don't have to come back because she is sick again. Right now she is sleeping. We plan to continue with the 24 hour testing so that we can just be discharged when the time is right.

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