Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 23rd from her Mom.. 

WE ARE GOING HOME! After 3 months away from the family and friends we have got the clear to go home. Yes, Dr. Y Law was hesitant. He such a great Doctor. There is some concern with Kamryn's Echo today. The heart looks a little different and could mean signs of rejection or signs of one of the medication remodeling the heart. We will see. In any case we are changing some of the medications and will wait to see at our visit next week. Please continue to pray for our little girl. She is growing and changing rapidly. We have some small developmental concerns. She has some catching up to do.

March 23rd from her Dad...
So today is the day we've prayed for. Kamryn is coming home today. Not just for the weekend, but actually coming home. She is doing so well and we all know that the huge blaket of prayer from all you faithful warriors has everything to do with that. We have a long road ahead still but I believe the worst part is over. I cannot begin to tell you all how greatful we are to each of you for the huge role you have played in this. It all is still largely a blurr, but the last 3 months (tomorrow actually marks 3 months since our Christmas Eve trip to the ER) have been an incredible roller coaster. I would ask that you keep us in your prayers. We are starting to realize that as we are coming out of crisis mode, our emotions are catching up with us. Going back and looking at pictures is painful when we realize how close we came to losing our little girl. Praise God for his protection and strength. And again, thank you all for praying us through it. Humbled

March 19th
What an amazing weekend. Kamryn and I got to go home on a weekend pass. We have family dinner, pictures, baby dedication, and cousin Kiefer's baby shower. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Grammy got to hold both her littlest grandchildren this weekend. Kamryn is giving her new cousin the stink eye and may not like to share. Thank you to all who have gone on this journey with us. We are not finished yet...Dr's appointments and the like will keep us very busy. Rejection is always in the back of our minds. So far so good. Keep praying it is not only helps us but helps you. Your faith is directly dependent on what you put into it. No effort, no faith.

KAMRYN UPDATE! She is home on a weekend pass! Keep up the prayers as mom & dad get to manage all meds. Hope is up because she might be home permanently next week or so! — withMike Aubrey and Kelli Helmick Aubrey.

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