Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Aubrey's wouldn't ask...but I will!

 Hi. I'm Lexi. I'm the Aubrey's mostly crazy former and soon to be neighbor (we left for a year...the worst timing EVER. I blame my husband, and you can, too!). I thought I'd throw my two cents in on something the Aubrey's are just too wonderful to even think of asking for.  Cold. Hard. Cash.

The Aubrey's haven't complained at all about the cost of this. I've never heard them for a second question any of it. They've just had faith that the Lord will provide.
(doesn't that baby look JUST like Kamryn?!)

And we all know how He does that, right? Through His servants.

So I'm pleading with you now, think of something you can give up (Lent starts TOMORROW for those of you who observe it...don't forget...) for a week (or 46 days). Last week we didn't eat out. The money we saved we donated. It wasn't hard and we were blessed by having a couple of extra nights with the entire family around the table instead of in the car. Plus, now I don't have all of the garbage that my kids refuse to pick up rotting away in the back seat.  Got WAY more than I gave.

What can you give? Do you get a $4 cup of caffeine in the morning? I'd NEVER ask anyone to go without caffeine, but there are cheaper alternatives (I have a delightful recipe on my blog if you'd like...). What if you gave it up for just five days...that's $20!

Kelli and my Abby
My daughter, Abby, who has Down syndrome, has spent time in and out of hospitals. Nothing near the time that Kamryn has. But we understand a little how those times can be terribly expensive. Especially when the hospital is far from home. Gas and ferry rides add up. Eating out every meal, even if it's at the hospital's cafeteria, is crazy expensive.  The last time Abby was hospitalized was when I was alone with my children after my brother's wedding in Utah. My husband had to fly back from Washington to be with us. When my friend dropped him off at the airport, she handed him an envelope full of cash. I can't even begin to tell you what that meant. It was one less thing to have to worry about. To stress over. It set that area of my mind at ease enough so that it could attend fully to the crisis at hand.  Lets do that for the Aubrey's.

Plus, you'll be blessed for it. I know that for sure. We all need more blessings, right?  And less trash in the back of our cars? Am I the only one whose kids hide half eaten hamburgers under the seats? I digress.

Are you crafty? Do you work for a company that looks for fantastic causes to help? If so, PLEASE contact me. Any companies that would like to trade goods for ad space are invited as well. This blog is getting a lot of traffic because there are so many people who love and care for the Aubrey's. Lots of people would see any ads that would be placed. If you'd like specific numbers I can let you know.  We've done big giveaways on other blogs before and they've really brought in some cash. My email is mostlytruestuff@gmail.com. If you'd like to purchase something specific for the giveaway (Ipads and Canon Rebel cameras always give a nice return) let me know. 

Please find it in your heart to give whatever you can.

If nothing else, PLEASE share this, encourage your friends to help.  People WANT to help, even those who have never met the Aubrey's.  They just need to know they can.  Click on the little Facebook or Twitter icon below. 

Please keep praying, too. It helps the most.

(in other very non-pressing news, if you are close with the Aubrey's and have a personal blog, will you please email me the link? Kelli would like a blog roll on here and right now there's only two blogs on it, and one of them is mine, so really, it's like there's only one GOOD blog on it)


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