Saturday, February 18, 2012

After surgery last night Kamryn came back to her room. Mike and I got to see her. He stayed with her and took family members to see her also. The boys and Brynn think her incision is way cool. I went down to urgent care where Mikaela Rae Aubrey, Tyler Brown and Laurie Bucy Shepherd were waiting. Mikaela was still not feeling well. The the urgent care would later send her to ER where they could order more test and do a work up if needed. In the mean time Kamryn was having issues with the breathing tube. It was to low and in her right lung. The lung collapsed. Mike said they basically inflated it by hand, with a pump. Mikaela had and ultra sound several drs poked and prodded on her. It was ruled not to be appendicitis. She went home to rest at 1:30 am. Mike went back to RMH, I went to Kamryn's room. I just stood there in awe of what had just happened to our sweet baby girl. And then I went to bed.

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