Friday, February 24, 2012

Things are going great. The clot in the left atrial appendage is smaller and adhering to the wall of the heart. In time ti will become part of the heart and cause no problems. Kamryn is getting a medication that comes in a bio hazard bag. The nurse dresses up in a blue gown with gloves to give it to her. It is considered a chemo type drug that suppresses the immune system. They say it is less hazardous than what the bag and the suit lead you to believe.

Kamryn had a very good day today. She tried some binky training and drank 4 mls by mouth. I talked to one of the nurses, it seems that the only things keeping us in ICU is the milrinone and DR. Law. Dr. Law in an incredible Dr. he is caring and careful to make the right decisions for Karmyn. When he says, "I'm worried about her", it's serious. I have seen him smile in the last few days. This is a good sign.

Kamryn was a little fussy when I came back from dinner. The nurse let me hold her, she fell asleep in my arms. The nurse took the picture.

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