Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Several days ago Kamryn was put on a 28 calorie diet. The oral feeding became an issue. She would cry, pull away from the bottle and refuse to eat anymore. The oral feedings stopped for a while. During the NG feedings of 28 calories she would cry, have gas pain and not calm down. Last night she vomited the 12:00 am feeding. She felt better after that. I made the executive parental decision and told the nurse no more 28 calorie. She agreed with me and called the team. Today we will decide if Kamryn needs a continues feed overnight. Logic would tell you just increase the times she is fed on the same calories. Little heart patients need calories but not volume, the volume would cause her heart to work harder, which would burn more calories and not work. While the Docs don't have a specific weight to get to, they do want to see a steady weight gain. It was difficult last night knowing my already very sick baby is not getting the food she needs to get strong.

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